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Happy New Year!

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, the first day in our new Church year! 2023 has the shortest Advent possible because Christmas Day is the day after the fourth Sunday of Advent. Advent means COMING. We prepare to celebrate the birthday of King Jesus who came to Earth in Bethlehem many years ago. We also prepare for King Jesus second coming with millions of angels in the sky. We do not know when that will be, but Advent helps us to be prepared for whenever we meet Him. In class we hope to light our simple Advent wreath each day to create a sense of anticipation for Jesus' birthday and for His return in glory. The first of the four Advent candles is called the Prophecy Candle, looking forward to His return.

In all grades this week we will fill out a detailed study sheet on Advent and Christmas. This may take us a couple of days, including the excellent questions and conversations that develop. Most of our eighth graders have done this same study sheet for the past two years. But our sixth graders will learn some new facts and vocabulary. Everyone should read over this study sheet once each evening out loud for a test which will come around December 19. Also in grade 6 we will continue to follow Sarah and Abrahams family on their complicated journey of faith.

In grade 7 we will dissect what happened at the Wedding at Cana, Jesus' first public miracle. In Geography 7 each student will read aloud to the class three of her/his 10 interesting facts. We are memorizing a 17 mountain ranges map....White Mountains, Green Mountains, Adirondacks, Catskills.....Rockies, Cascades, Sierra Madre, Canadian Rockies...etc. We will have a test on all this on December 15.

In grade 8 we are learning about several religious orders that started in the Middle Ages- Franciscans, Dominicans, Jesuits, and others. We will have a test on these next week. I think that most eight graders (and most middle school students) are waiting for the last minute to study for test and quizzes, in my classes at least. Although this may work for middle school, it is a bad pattern for high school and beyond. Studying (out loud is better) for a few minutes each night will help to learn AND REMEMBER the material much better. But surely I digress...In grade 8 we will also explore and recreate some of the many bogus patent medicine bottles that were proliferated in the 1800s. Dr. Kilmers Swamp Root, Kidney, Liver, and Bladder Cure was a common medicine sold widely back then. Many of these medicines had high percentages of alcohol and drugs. Each eighth grader will create a modern counterpart to these orginal ones. We will design a modern day patent medicine bottle poster will a name and claims that stretch the imagination. For example....Dr. Tanyas Cure for Blindness with a huge eye embossed on the glass, in a rich puce color and a crude 19th century hand blown top. Or...Hakiims Cure for Texting with a swollen thumb on the bottle poster. These finished posters will be due on Thursday = test grade

Joshua Kay, our new youth minister, will present a class for each of our middle school grades this week. We have our whole school Mass for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on Friday, a holy day of obligation for all Catholics. Please join us if you can. Eighth graders are reading for the Mass. May God bless our week and help us with our problems. Thank You, Lord!


Mr. Grant


COMMUNITY SERIVCE reminder.....all middle school students are required to help others in the form of community service - 6 hours minimum for grade 6, 8 hours minimum for grade 7, and 10 hours minimum for grade 8. In late August three eight grade boys handed in their finished forms, so if Latecia has not yet started, she should begin to think of ways to help others and fulfill her community service requirements. The form can be found on our school website. Go to ACADEMICS then to MIDDLE SCHOOL then find the link for Community Service Hours; print it out, fill it out, and hand it in to Mr. Grant by May first. This is a prerequisite for graduation for eighth graders.

Three thematic maps were due to Miss Thibdeau and to Mr. Grant on November 2. So far there are several seventh graders who have not shown their maps to me. Hopefully this will happen tomorrow, Monday. Have a holy week!

Let us continue to pray peace in Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, and around the world. Thank you.


Mr. Grant



Supplies for next year for Mr. Grant.......

I will be teaching Religion to grades 6,7,8, Geography to grade 7, and History to grade 8.

one yellow 3 brad notebook with 30 pieces of lined paper for Religion

one red 3 brad notebook with 30 pieces of lined paper for History

one blue 3 brad notebook with 30 pages of lined paper for Geography

one set of colored pencils to be kept in school

one Bible to be kept at home

one computer printer at home that works and has ink



Each middle school student must complete a certain number of community service hours before May. These hours may begin on June first of the preceding year. This follows Jesus' teaching and example of helping those around us. Community service involves helping others without getting paid money, beyond our own families at home. (Washing the dishes at home does NOT count for community service!) Raking a neighbor's yard or spending time with grandma at her home DO count as community service.

Grade 6 = 6 hours minimum

Grade 7 = 8 hours minimum

Grade 8 = 10 hours minimum

The form for all this may be found on our school website under FAITH FORMATION....COMMUNITY SERVICE. Print out the form and fill it out as your service hours add up. As soon as you have the required number of hours, turn it in. Thank you.

Mr. Grant


I will post all homework and assignments on Google Classroom. The access codes for Classroom are...


grade 6  -  uhlochg

grade 7 - xmxf7v7

grade 8 - jor2msc


Supplies for Mr.Grant's classes are:

a Bible to be kept at home

a set of colored pencils to be kept in school

a yellow 3 brad notebook for Religion

a red 3 brad notebook for History for grade 8

a blue 3 brad notebook for Geography for grade 7 

A printer at home that works and has ink