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A Glorious Exuberant Easter to You!!!!!!!!


Jesus is risen from the dead, and everything is different! He has conquered sin and death and satan, and the gates of Heaven are wide open for us to come home some day. Thank you to grades 5 and 8 for their heartfelt presentation of the Living Stations of the Cross last week. Easter is so special that we celebrate it for 8 days, culminating next Sunday with Divine Mercy Sunday. In the 1930s Jesus appeared to Sister Faustina Kowalska in Poland and taught her about His Divine Mercy. He is so eager to forgive our sins, if we only repent and ask Him for His help. Later this week we will pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy which He taught to St. Faustina. 

This week in grade 6 we will learn more about Easter, and then learn more about the fifth commandment. In SS we will find out what happened in the confrontations between the Aztecs and the Spanish. Then we will move to South America and the Incas. We will also color a map of South America. On Thursday we will have our first quiz on US state capitals, #1-17.

In grade 7 we have been watching videos of marriage ceremonies and receptions in different denominations around the world. One of our favorites was the celebration in Etheopia, lots of joyful dancing there!. On Wednesday we will have a test on Matrimony using our notes. In History we will study the Mexican American War, and then the diabolic institution of slavery. 

In grade 8 we will learn more about the first Easter, and then discuss commandments 2 and 3. In History we are following the USA into WWII, and we will discuss the Holocaust. On Wednesday we will have our first test on WWII vocabulary, #1-20. In Geography we will finally label the map of the 50 countries in Africa and begin to memorize them, 20 at a time. Then we will discuss the people and the culture of China.




Have a blessed Easter week! 


Mr. Grant