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Happy Catholic Schools Week Sunday!

God has planned many enjoyable activities this week to highlight our excellent school and all Catholic schools. Each activity - pajama day, movie afternoon, tug of war, and more are all to glorify and praise God, and grow closer to our Creator!
Academically this week in grade 6 we have a test on Tuesday on Moses and a test on Friday on the plagues and the first Passover. Mrs.Keating will work with grade 6 on Thursday. In grade 7 we will have a test on Holy Orders on Wednesday and learn more about religious orders. In Geography 7 we will present our oral reports on the states that each of us researched. In grade 8 we are sleuthing our way through the dangerous superstitions that have become very popular in our culture - ouija boards, astrology, palm readinhg, tarot cards, phrenology, fortune telling, and a myriad of other disciplines that are diametrically opposed to Deuteronomy 18:9-14. In History 8 we will examine and make our oun propaganda posters of World War I, and examine the Communist Revolution of 1917. Enjoy the week. May God keep us all healthy and in the palm of His hand.

Mr. Grant



Each middle school student must complete a certain number of community service hours before May 5. This follows Jesus' teaching and example of helping those around us. Community service involves helping others without getting paid money, beyond our own families at home. (Washing the dishes at home does NOT count for community service!) Raking a neighbor's yard or spending time with grandma at her home DO count as community service.

Grade 6 = 6 hours minimum

Grade 7 = 8 hours minimum

Grade 8 = 10 hours minimum

The form for all this may be found on our school website under FAITH FORMATION....COMMUNITY SERVICE. Print out the form and fill it out as your service hours add up. As soon as you have the required number of hours, turn it in. Thank you.

Have a healthy week and a blessed Thanksgiving!

Mr. Grant


I will post all homework and assignments on Google Classroom. The access codes for Classroom are...


grade 6  -  uhlochg

grade 7 - xmxf7v7

grade 8 - jor2msc


Supplies for Mr.Grant's classes are:

a Bible to be kept at home

a set of colored pencils to be kept in school

a yellow 3 brad notebook for Religion

a red 3 brad notebook for History for grade 8

a blue 3 brad notebook for Geography for grade 7 

A printer at home that works and has ink